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Ashland Historical Association, Inc.

Ashland Historical Association meetings are held on the 1st Wednesday of the month at 5:00 PM at the Town Hall. All members are welcome to attend any meeting. To ensure our future growth and success we are seeking new volunteers for various committees to continue to achieve our goals.

For more info please contact Samerna Rion @ 518 734-3471

Ashland Historical Association, Inc.

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West Settlement Church Project


The History of Ashland Farming
by Michelle Fancher

Early l7th and l8th Century farmers endured very rough pioneer life while adapting to the new environment of the Catskills. Many began their farms alone, clearing land and building their homes by themselves, sending for their families once established. Harnessing oxen and horses for power, they used crude wooden plows to carve out fields for crops, however, much of the land was so rocky that many raised sheep.

Many early crops consisted of wheat, corn, oats, and barley. Those crops were all sowed by hand, cultivated with a hoe, hand-cut with a sickle and threshed using a flail. Not until the late 18th century were many machines such as the cradle and scythe, cotton gin and cast iron plow invented to make the farmer's lives easier.


Samerna Rion


Dawn Thorp

Vice President

Stanley Fancher


Samerna Rion

Town Historian


Samerna Rion - Town Historian


Erik Allan & Janet Post- Permanent Historical Board Members

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